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Belkasoft Computer Acquisition Module

Belkasoft Computer Acquisition Module (previously known as "Acquisition & Analysis Suite") is an extra module to Belkasoft Evidence Center product.

The module covers the complete investigation cycle from the acquisition stage to evidence discovery, analysis and reporting.  It comes with everything you need to acquire a running PC, including tools for capturing memory dumps, imaging hard drives and acquiring USB devices. During the analytic stage, you can discover existing, hidden and destroyed evidence, analyze data and perform a comprehensive investigation. The module comes with full reporting capabilities and allows sharing, archiving and managing evidence.

The module consists of a set of tightly integrated hardware and software, and includes the following components:

  • Portable RAM acquisition tool (USB pen drive with pre-installed kernel-mode memory dumping software)
  • Hard drive imaging hardware and software supporting SATA/IDE/SSD/USB storage media (Atola Insight Forensic powered by Atola)
  • Handy portable software tool for evidence sharing and archiving

Each item in the list above represents an important step in the investigation cycle and coupled with Belkasoft Evidence Center covers complete investigation cycle for desktops and laptops.

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