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Please find answers to some popular questions about Belkasoft Computer Acquisition Module below.


Q: Is Live RAM Capturer in the module the same as a free tool on Belkasoft site?

A: No. The version included into BCAM is not the same. It has a number of important advantages: it is much smaller (under 20K!), it calculates hashes of memory dumps and creates reports. Besides, it runs 32- or 64-bit version of the capturer automatically, while free version requires you to manually run a correct exe.

Q: Is there a trial version?
A: There is a trial version of Evidence Center software, available on our site (see https://belkasoft.com/trial). For the hardware and Live RAM capturer there is no trial. You can test a free version of Live RAM Capturer, however; it works almost identically to the version in the Suite.

Q: How do you ship the module and is there an electronic delivery?
A: As the module contains hardware, it can't be shipped electronically. We ship it using courier services. Please note, that shipping price is not included to the license price and depends on your location.


Q: Do you have LE discounts?
A: Absolutely! The price of Computer Acquisition Module to LE is more than 15% lower than to other customers.

Q: How much is the shipping?
A: Shipping depends on your location and amount of licenses you purchase. The price may vary from $40 to $400 or even higher. Let us know your location for us to give you an accurate figure.


Q: Are updates included for the first year?
A: Yes. BCAM comes with the full support and updates which are included into the price.

Q: What is the price for license and support renewal? I don't think I need to update hardware!
A: The renewal price depends on components, which you like to update. You can update Live RAM Capturer software only or hard drive imager software together or separate. The renewal price is 30% of initial component price per year and includes both license extension and updates. Contact us for more details.

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