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Evidence Center for Business

Locate and analyze digital evidence left on computers’ hard drives! With hundreds of supported types of artifacts, Belkasoft Evidence Center can detect and retrieve instant messenger communications and chat histories, social networking and webmail communications, multi-user online game chats, Web browsing history, peer-to-peer file transfers and online file exchange. With its intuitive user interface Belkasoft Evidence Center requires no special training or qualifications, and can be used in minutes after the first launch.

Reveals Business-Critical Evidence

Belkasoft Evidence Center reveals types of forensic evidence that can be business-critical, helping to stop and prevent security breaches, intellectual property theft, employee misconduct and other fraudulent activities.

Hundreds of Supported Artifacts

The tool supports literally hundreds of artifacts produced by applications running on Mac, PC, Android and iOS-powered devices. Information revealed by Belkasoft Evidence Center includes all popular instant messengers, Web browsers and email clients, major peer-to-peer file exchange software, all popular social networks and popular online multi-player games as well as encrypted files.

Combats Employee Misconduct

Belkasoft Evidence Center helps combat employee misconduct by analyzing pictures and videos, discovering signs of human faces, pornography and scanned or photographed documents in pictures and movies. In addition, the tool makes it easier to review lengthy video files by producing still galleries of key frames.

Prevents Theft of Intellectual Property

Belkasoft Evidence Center locates images that contain embedded text, such as the images of scanned documents, helping businesses counter theft of intellectual property.

Quick to Learn

With many businesses buying Belkasoft Evidence Center to resolve a single incident, we did our best to make the tool as quick and easy to learn as we possibly could. With no special training required, the tool can be used in just minutes after the first time you launch it.

Easy to Operate

With its intuitive, concise user interface, Belkasoft Evidence Center is extremely simple to use. It can be conveniently operated under time pressure and requires no special skills or training.

Locates Destroyed Evidence

Belkasoft Evidence Center offers an option of bit-precise, low-level analysis to discover deleted information and locate destroyed evidence. The tool can handle situations of interrupted information destruction, retrieving data from parts of the hard disk that haven’t been overwritten. It can even retrieve information that doesn’t normally end up in a file on the hard disk, such as messages sent via webmail or social network communications, by analyzing memory dumps, hibernation and paging files.

Flexible Reporting

Belkasoft Evidence Center creates clean and concise reports that are easy to read. Reports generated by Belkasoft Evidence Center can be used as court evidence, detailing discoveries made during an investigation.

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