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Evidence Center for Law Enforcement

Belkasoft offers a forensically sound solution to quickly discover a great deal of evidence with repeatable results and flexible reporting. Belkasoft Evidence Center performs comprehensive forensic analysis of hard drives and disk images retrieving instant messenger logs and chat history, social networking communications, multi-user online game chats, Web browsing history and webmail data, P2P products and file exchange services. The Ultimate edition automatically detects faces, pornography and scanned documents in pictures and movies, discovers and analyzes mobile backups, and speeds up the analysis of video files by producing thumbnail galleries of key frames.

Forensically Sound Software

Belkasoft Evidence Center is designed with law enforcement customers in mind, providing repeatable, forensically sound results every time it runs. It leaves zero traces on disks being investigated with absolutely no disk writes or evidence altering.

Stand-Alone Performance

Work in the field without an Internet connection, and investigate disks and images without having the original user account passwords in a matter of minutes. Belkasoft Evidence Center offers best-in-class performance, analyzing data as fast as your PC can read it.

Retrieve Hidden and Destroyed Evidence

Belkasoft Evidence Center can perform data carving, recovering evidence that’s been hidden, deleted, or deliberately destroyed by the user. If information is still physically available on the disk, available in the computer’s memory dump or present in hibernation or page files, Belkasoft Evidence Center can extract it even if it doesn’t appear in the file system. Carving allows retrieving evidence that does not usually end up in files stored on the disk, such as social network chats or messages sent via webmail services.

Industry-Standard Operation

With Belkasoft Evidence Center, you can analyze disk images in industry-standard EnCase, AFF, DD, and SMART formats as well as virtual machines such as VMWare and Virtual PC.

Reports that Can Be Presented in Court

Evidence discovered with Belkasoft Evidence Center can be presented to the court in the form of automatically generated reports. Belkasoft Evidence Center offers flexible reporting, allowing generating clean, concise and up to the point reports of discoveries made during an investigation.

Share Collected Evidence

Share evidence discovered with Belkasoft Evidence Center with your colleagues and co-workers at no extra charge. Evidence Reader is a free portable tool allowing to view evidence collected during an investigation from any computer, even if Belkasoft Evidence Center is not installed on that PC.  

Blazing Fast Operation

Belkasoft Evidence Center works blazing fast, often limited only by disk read speeds. A typical 320GB hard drive can be analyzed in less than 120 minutes.
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Use on Multiple PCs with a Hardware Dongle

If your organization has multiple computers, you can use a single-license version of Belkasoft Evidence Center on any desktop or laptop PC with a pocketable dongle.

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