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Evidence Center for Military and Intelligence

Belkasoft Evidence Center is a mobile digital solution to quickly reveal a great deal of evidence in the field. Zero-trace, write-free operation, unprecedented ease of use, repeatable results and flexible reporting make Belkasoft Evidence Center a perfect match for the military, intelligence and government agencies.

Discover Digital Evidence

Belkasoft Evidence Center searches hard drives and disk images in EnCase, DD, AFF and SMART formats for digital evidence. Files of popular virtual machines such as VMWare and Virtual PC are supported too. The suite discovers and analyzes instant messenger chat histories, social networking and webmail communications, multi-user online game chats, Web browsing history, encrypted files, peer-to-peer and online file exchanges. The Ultimate edition automatically detects the presence of faces, pornography and scanned documents in videos and still images, discovers and analyzes mobile backups, and speeds up video analysis by producing still galleries of key frames.

Forensically Sound Analysis

Belkasoft Evidence Center is designed to operate in a forensically sound way, leaving no traces and allowing absolutely no write operations onto the disks being analyzed.

Easy to Operate

Belkasoft Evidence Center is quick and simple to learn and easy to use. With clean, concise user interface, it can be conveniently operated under time pressure and in the field.

Usable in the Field

The available Portable edition fits into a small pocket, launches from a USB flash drive, and can be easily used on any PC by simply plugging a dongle. Work in the field with no Internet connection and no installation required, analyzing disks and images in just minutes without knowing user account passwords.

Forensic Analysis Completes in Minutes

Belkasoft Evidence Center offers best-in-class performance, analyzing data as fast as your PC can read it. A typical 320 GB hard drive can be analyzed in less than 120 minutes.
  *search for all supported chat, browsers and email profiles

Evidence Carving

Destroyed evidence can be carved from the hard drive with bit-precise low-level analysis. Belkasoft Evidence Center can be used in situations of interrupted information destruction, carving data from what’s left on the disk surface even if the files are no longer accessible and do not show up in the file list. Evidence can be retrieved from information that doesn’t normally end up in a file on the hard disk, such as messages sent via webmail or social network communications. Belkasoft Evidence Center can reliably retrieve digital evidence that’s physically present on the disk surface, is available in the computer’s memory dump or appears in hibernation or paging files.

Supports Industry Standards

Belkasoft Evidence Center fully supports disk images created with industry-standard tools such as EnCase, AFF, DD, and SMART as well as VMWare and Virtual PC.

Flexible Reporting

Belkasoft Evidence Center creates clean and concise reports that can be used as evidence and presented to the court. The tool’s flexible reporting options allow generating reports detailing discoveries made during an investigation.

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