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Download Belkasoft Evidence Reader, a free tool to read Evidence Center cases

Please note, that since v.7.0 the Reader is embedded to the main tool

Current version: v.7.2 
Please note that you should have the same version of Evidence Center and Evidence Reader (e.g. both 6.1 or both 6.3).

Belkasoft Evidence Reader allows sharing digital evidence collected with Belkasoft Evidence Center. With the Reader, you can view evidence collected during an investigation from any computer, even if Belkasoft Evidence Center is not installed on that PC.

Terms of Use

You can use Belkasoft Evidence Reader on an unlimited number of computers at no charge, but only until you are in a posession of a valid, non-expired license for any edition of Belkasoft Evidence Center. In addition, during the license validity period you can share information collected with Belkasoft Evidence Center with others, providing them a copy of Belkasoft Evidence Reader. You must stop using Evidence Reader after the expiry of your Belkasoft Evidence Center license.

  1. The license is free and unlimited
  2. The license is granted to every paid customer of Evidence Center
  3. The license is valid until the expiration date of the correspondent license for Belkasoft Evidence Center
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