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Belkasoft Evidence Reader: a Free Portable Tool to Share Digital Evidence

Belkasoft Evidence Reader extends what Evidence Center users can do with collected evidence. This portable free tool allows sharing digital evidence collected with Belkasoft Evidence Center. With the Reader, you can view evidence collected during an investigation from any computer, even if Belkasoft Evidence Center is not installed on that PC.

Please note, that since v.7.0 of Belkasoft Evidence Center, the Reader is embedded to the tool.

Share Information Collected During the Investigation

Evidence Reader allows sharing information collected during the investigation, transferring digital evidence between computers. Pass collected information along to your colleagues and co-workers, present evidence in a court or simply back up the data for future analysis.

Read-only mode

Evidence Reader is capable to work with exported data in read-only mode. The following operations are supported:

  • Opening a case exported from Belkasoft Evidence Center
  • Searching and navigating through the data
  • Viewing details on individual items
  • Creating reports (exporting data to PDF, HTML and other formats)

A few "write" operations are allowed: creating bookmarks and filters, adding comments to the case, profiles and bookmarks.

Adding new profiles or deleting existing profiles are not allowed. This ensures authenticity of exported data: it will be seen exactly as you have exported it. If you pass the data to a third party, they will not be able to change a single meaningful bit.

Evidence Reader and Case Management

If you opted for a bare basic license of Belkasoft Evidence Center without the Case Management module, Evidence Reader will greatly enhance the value of the product. Essentially, Evidence Reader and Case Management perform a similar task of storing collected evidence for later use. However, the two tools perform this task differently.

Case Management allows storing evidence discovered during the session to a database for later use, and allows accessing, managing and deleting previously collected data. Case Management is a paid add-on. Prior to Belkasoft Evidence Center 5.3, you were required to produce a report immediately after completing the session unless you have purchased the Case Management add-on.

Evidence Reader enables those without Case Management to not only save collected evidence, but also pass it along to other people for offline analysis, albeit in read-only mode. Evidence Reader is free to all licensed users of Belkasoft Evidence Center. In addition, Evidence Reader is a truly portable tool that can be launched from a pen drive or network location. It does not require a separate installation, and it does not need Belkasoft Evidence Center to be installed in order to view the data.

Case Management

  • Paid add-on
  • Installs with Belkasoft Evidence Center
  • Uses SQLite or Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Supports huge amounts of information in extracted data sets (more than 2 GB)
  • Simultaneously supports multiple cases
  • Allows managing, modifying and deleting cases

Evidence Reader

  • Comes free of charge with every license of Belkasoft Evidence Center
  • Truly portable tool: does not require installation
  • Can be used on any PC, even without Belkasoft Evidence Center installed
  • Uses proprietary data storage format
  • Can contain data sets up to 2 GB
  • Provides read-only access to information from a single session
  • Allows sharing evidence with colleagues and coworkers
  • Can be downloaded separately and free of charge (available to licensed users of Belkasoft Evidence Center)

Terms of Use

You can use Belkasoft Evidence Reader on an unlimited number of computers at no charge, but only until you are in a posession of a valid, non-expired license for any edition of Belkasoft Evidence Center. In addition, during the license validity period you can share information collected with Belkasoft Evidence Center with others, providing them a copy of Belkasoft Evidence Reader. You must stop using Evidence Reader after the expiry of your Belkasoft Evidence Center license.

  1. The license is free and unlimited
  2. The license is granted to every paid customer of Evidence Center
  3. The license is valid until the expiration date of the correspondent license for Belkasoft Evidence Center

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